Another Twig on the Glover Family Tree

25 June 2013 3:02 PM Posted by Brenda L.

One of the great joys as a genealogist is being able to add a new 'live' family member to the family tree.  I was able to do this last week when my brother and his wife had their second child, who I will call Lord Stanley.  Lord Stanley's real name is one that when my brother told me I got excited as it is the same name as our fourth great grandfather.  Of course, my brother didn't know this at the time they named Lord Stanley, but I was excited anyway.

Lord Stanley's birth also allows the family name to continue.  I only have one brother and Lord Stanley is his only son.  He is the eighth grandchild of my parents.  I live near my parents and it was fun to see the excitement and joy that Lord Stanley brought to them.

Lord Stanley has a big sis, Cutie Pie.  Cutie Pie is pretty excited to have a little brother.  I am sure she will be an excellent big sister.  I can speak from experience having a little boy in the house is pretty special.

Welcome to the family, Lord Stanley!  I can't wait to meet you.

(Lord Stanley and Cutie Pie are nicknames I have chosen to use for my nephew and niece on this blog to protect their identity at such a young age.  Lord Stanley was chosen because both months and years that my brother had babies the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup.  My son-in-law works as Director of Photography for the Chicago Blackhawks and we are big fans.)

4 Response to "Another Twig on the Glover Family Tree"

  1. Jana Last Says:

    How precious! Congrats!

  2. Brenda Leyndyke Says:

    Thank you, Jana!

  3. Marian Burk Wood Says:

    Welcome Lord Stanley! The photo of Cutie Pie holding Lord Stanley is especially adorable.

  4. Brenda Leyndyke Says:

    Thank you, Marian. Cutie Pie is one excited big sister. I think the picture is adorable too.

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