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Happy Birthday, Nancy-My Younger Sister

22 December 2010

Nancy Louise Glover Berry
(This is her senior picture, taken in 1985)

My younger sister, Nancy, is celebrating a birthday today.  Happy Birthday, Nancy!  We are nine years apart in age.  I remember being excited when she was born.  I  babysat a lot for her when I was in high school.  She was eight when I left for college.  My parents, Nancy, and our brother, Neil, moved to Texas a few months after I was married.  We have been apart for a large part of our life.  She moved back to Michigan after she was married and we were able to spend holidays together.  She is now living in Washington and I haven't seen her for a couple of years.  Although distance has separated us I think of her often.  I hope she is celebrating in style!  Have a happy birthday, Nancy, you deserve it.


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