Wordless Wednesday: Spring Fashion

05 May 2010 7:00 AM Posted by Brenda L.
Kathryn Fredricks
'Aunt Kate'

4 Response to "Wordless Wednesday: Spring Fashion"

  1. Kathleen Brandt, Professional Genealogist Says:

    I love the statement. She dressed up, hat and all, with the shanty in the background. Love it!

  2. Brenda Says:

    Yes, it is interesting. I wondered what the occasion was. Not sure if it is a rock or flower garden in the forefront.

  3. Kirsten Says:

    I love this photo too! It makes me determined to bring hats back into fashion.

  4. Brenda Says:

    It reminds me of the hats my sister and I use to get for Easter. I love them except for the elastic around my chin!

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