My Packing List for Cemetery Trips

31 March 2010 7:00 AM Posted by Brenda L.
I am a list maker from way back. I make to-do lists, grocery lists, packing lists, you name it lists. Lists help me to stay organized and I enjoy being organized, just ask my family! I thought I would share one of my lists with you, my cemetery visit packing list. Here is what I take when I visit a cemetery:

  • list of gravesites I need to visit

  • digital camera

  • notepad and pencil or pen

  • cemetery map

  • supplies to help see the gravestones better: spray bottle of water, grass clippers, small whisk broom

  • old shoes

What do you take?

7 Response to "My Packing List for Cemetery Trips"

  1. Amy Coffin Says:

    Dry erase board:

  2. Brenda Says:

    Amy, Great Idea! Thanks.

  3. jvaughnbay Says:

    Something to sit on! I'm old!

  4. Brenda Says:

    Judy, I agree with the seat thing. My knees aren't what they use to be. Brenda

  5. Barbara Says:

    Pack your energy also. Brenda, don't know if you saw my piece on cemeteries (3 part), but here is the link.
    Boy, I can't wait to go to a cemetery, maybe today, now that the weather has changed. Thanks for your post.

  6. Judy Webster Says:

    A small, bright torch. A weathered inscription is sometimes easier to decipher if you shine light on it from different angles.

  7. Brenda Leyndyke Says:

    Thank you Judy for the great idea. I will be adding that to my bag.

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